Arash Barmaan

Founder & Entrepreneur

About me

Arash Barmaan is an American-Iranian internet entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Boos and Poly, an online dating application for the Persian-Jewish community.

My Approach

I believe in approaching every business challenge with a creative mindset, focus on innovative solutions, responsible risk-taking, operational excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit. I align the business vision to people’s lives, workplaces, cultures, communities and target audiences. Taking a top-level view and using emotional intelligence skills to bring strong teams together is a key factor in my business success. I believe in purpose of creating additional value and making a positive impact in local communities and globally.

I am inspiring and constantly looking for inspiration. Traveling and exploring people’s art and lifestyles. I seek for knowledge and education. Love Basketball and working out. Believe in sustainability and health. I love my family and am grateful of being part of their lives.

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